At Aspect Film Works, our strongest asset is our ability to tell an emotive and impactful story.  We create videos that not only engage audiences visually, but speak to both their minds and hearts.

 We provide a modern approach to video production,  without losing sight of what we believe to be the most powerful element in filmmaking - the story!  Humans have been using stories to communicate both ideas and emotion for thousands of years.  In fact, it has been scientifically proven that emotive storytelling is the number one way to reach an audience and drive action.  

While video production is our specialty, telling your story is our absolute passion.  To find out why our process is so effective in helping our clients achieve the results they are after, please don't hesitate to get in touch





G'day, nice to meet you!  I'm Alex,  an Aussie filmmaker originally from Adelaide a.k.a 'The City of Churches', South Australia.  

About 3 years ago, I ventured across the pacific ocean and made the move of a lifetime to the city of Kamloops, BC to follow my heart and live with my Canadian partner and local photographer, Kathleen Fisher.  While I left behind my friends, family and career as head video producer for a large organization; love and the mountains were calling my name...and I have never looked back! 

Since moving to this beautiful part of the world, I've been lucky enough to continue my work as a filmmaker and follow my passion as a visual storyteller.  I've captured some incredible love stories and been involved in many amazing video projects for local businesses both large and small.

I feel incredibly grateful to be living in a day and age where running a business as a creator, telling emotive stories through the art of film is an actual reality.  I thank my clients for trusting me to take their ideas, run wild with them and turn them into inspiring videos for others to watch and enjoy.